Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Changing of the Guard

See a Washington Post editorial about the political changes happening in South America's two largest countries: Brazil and Argentina. WaPo takes note of the accession to power of Dilma Roussef in Brazil, a protege of former President Lula de Silva.

They note as well as the widowing of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in Argentina, upon the death of her husband, the former President Nestor Kirchner. There was a sense in some quarters that Nestor was orchestrating Cristina's actions.

Now each of these women will be operating on her own, facing opposite challenges. Roussef needs to continue the successful policies of Lula de Silva, whereas Fernandez de Kirchner needs to move away from the less-than-successful policies of her husband.

As we noted in this space earlier, commenting on a column by Mary Anastasia O'Grady for WSJ, it will be very difficult, albeit desirable, to take Argentina in a new direction. It may be equally difficult to keep Brazil on the winning track upon which Lula had it running.