Saturday, August 12, 2017

Saturday Snickers

Steven Hayward's weekly compilation of cartoons, captioned photos, and generalized snark for Power Line is out. Many focus on Google firing the author of a memo questioning received wisdom on diversity at the firm. Several favorites described:

Two compare Apple and Google. Both are photos of bus stop bench backs. The first is headed "Think Different." It shows the rainbow apple logo labeled "get hired" and a rainbow G for Google labeled "get fired."
The second portrays Apple founder Steve Jobs labeled "Think different" and Google CEO Sundar Pichai labeled "Not So much."

Two more show the Google name in rainbow letters. The first is subtitled "Celebrate Homogeneity." The second is subtitled, in homage to Orwell's 1984, "War is peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength."

A faux graph with a line that peaks at 19, and drops precipitately thereafter, captioned:
Statistics show teen pregnancies drop drastically after age 20.
Photo of a scowling Kim Jong Un, captioned:
Want To Get Rid of Kim?
Start a Rumor That He Has Dirt on Hillary.... 
A pie chart headed "Where Liberals Think Electricity Comes From" with sections sized and labeled 45% "wind, solar, hydro," 25% "unicorn farts," 20% "giant hampsters (sic) on wheels," and 10% "Electric Fairy." (N.B., spelling is a lost art)

Photo of an angry feminist shouting, captioned:
Judging people by their race and sex is wrong.
I wish you privileged white men would get that.
Photo of a tiger happily playing in the water, captioned:
Goes on a vegan diet.
Eats three vegans a day - feels fabulous!