Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Travel Blogging IX

Canmore, Alberta, Canada: We drove south from Jasper today, and the Icefields Parkway presents a different panorama seen looking south. It may even be more spectacular seen driving the direction we did today. I am in awe.

Traffic was heavier than on the trip north, as this is a three day weekend in Canada. Given the shortness of summer in these latitudes, and its consequent preciousness, Canadians decided 'wage slaves' should have a few opportunities to enjoy it.

Some years ago the government here made the first weekend of each summer month a three day weekend. The widely heeded message seems to be: "Go, feed the mosquitos."

We've been up here the better part of two weeks and, in spite of the forest fires in BC, we've only had a couple of really smoky days. The weather has been outstanding, warm days and cool nights.

On the other hand, animal watching has not been up to its usual high standard. Part of the reason is that the folks we're traveling with are not compulsive scenery watchers like the DrsC. Much of their motivation in coming, it turns out, has been to unwind from high-stress IT jobs. In that, I believe they've been successful.