Thursday, August 3, 2017

Travel Blogging X

Banff, Alberta, Canada: The DrsC have RVed for 45 years, if you can believe it. We have continuously owned an RV of some sort since 1972. Last night we reprised an experience from our early days traveling in a small Chinook motorhome.

In the mid-70s we did three cross-country trips: CA to the East Coast and back taking the whole school-not-in-session summer vacation. During a couple of these we visited Williamsburg, VA, and camped nearby at a small RV park called Anvil, located along a rail line.

As an RV unit easy to back up, we always got the sites that backed up to the RR. Long unit coal trains rumbled past there every hour or so, headed for a Chesapeake Bay port to be offloaded onto a ship bound for Europe. The trains shook the campground and, when we were trying to sleep, sounded like they rumbled through our RV's hindquarters.

Last night we were at a little, old campground in Canmore which backed up to the main line of the Canadian Pacific RR. We slept through it but the people we're traveling with said it averaged a train every 12 minutes all night.

For years we've joked that RV parks are normally by a noisy highway, rail line, or airport flight pattern, sometime two of these. They're rarely quiet. You learn to sleep through it, to take it for granted.