Friday, August 4, 2017

Travel Blogging XI

Banff, Alberta, Canada: Our stay in Canada is drawing to a close. Today the folks with whom we've been traveling drive to Calgary, turn in their rental motorhomes, and tomorrow fly home to CA.

We will drive to Lethbridge today, and spend two nights there, cleaning up our rig and decompressing before the long drive home to WY. We need to spend the last of our Can. dollars, too.

As we drove north I saw Lethbridge has a Japanese garden, perhaps we'll give it a look. I'd also like to look again at the unusual university building that sits across the mouth of a side coulee looking down into the Oldman River's larger coulee. It somewhat resembles a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed city hall or courthouse north of San Francisco in, I think, one of the Marin County towns, possibly Santa Rosa.

Later ... when the above-mentioned "folks" arrived at the RV lot to turn in their RVs, they couldn't. The police wouldn't let them in. It turned out a garbage truck had backed over and killed a 20 year old pedestrian in the lot that morning, probably before they opened. Crime scene techs were trying to reconstruct what had happened; there was no video coverage and the truck driver was the only witness.

What she was doing there is unclear at this writing, possibly she was homeless, stoned, and passed out by the dumpster. Our traveling companions turned in their RVs in an alternate way and are safely at their hotel, awaiting tomorrow's flight, having had more excitement than they signed on for.