Sunday, December 18, 2016

Answering the "Why" Question

Salena Zito writes political commentary from her base in Western Pennsylvania, I often findi myself nodding in agreement with her observations.

Her column today is from The Washington Examiner. her topic is the reasons for Hillary's loss. Herewith two choice excerpts:
Here is a shocker: I'd estimate based on my reporting that this election was baked before the debates, before the "Access Hollywood" tapes, before the hacked emails and before anyone took the time to actually notice, listen and understand just how upended the American voter is.

Hillary Clinton lost because she ran arguably one of the worst campaigns in the history of campaigns; there was no message, their team ignored the pleas of longtime grassroots activists to be more engaged, and to stop hating on anyone who was not brown, black, gay or part of some specialized voting bloc.
Zito concludes the media missed the story because they simply didn't want to believe it true. I'd add that reporters end up talking to people like themselves and all of those were for Clinton. It takes real journalistic professionalism to go listen to people you do not wish to know, or find distasteful. Perhaps even deplorable?