Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Jewish Voter as Battered Spouse

Writing for The American Thinker, William A. Levinson describes Jewish voters' attachment to the Democratic Party as being like that of an abused spouse. I find his description apt.
Barack Obama's refusal to veto the United Nations' recent resolution to condemn Israeli settlements in Israel underscores the status of the Jewish voter as the battered spouse who simply cannot bring herself to leave her abusive husband.
After reciting a whole list of Democrat snubs, insults and outright infidelities, Levinson concludes:
No, Jewish voter, he doesn't love you, and he never did. You gave him everything, and he gave you only slaps, bruises, and broken bones. This latest domestic violence will hopefully convince you that it is past time to pack your things, walk out on him, and leave him to drink himself to death with the left-wing politics that drove the blue-collar worker into Donald Trump's camp this year.
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