Thursday, February 25, 2016

Belated Justice

Thirteen months ago Buenos Aires prosecutor Alberto Nisman was found shot one day before he was scheduled to testify before the Argentine legislature. He was scheduled to testify then-President Cristina Fernandez was guilty of covering up Iranian involvement in the bombing of a Jewish cultural center in BA. His death was ruled a suicide by the Fernandez government, a ruling few others believed.

Reuters reports via Yahoo News the government of newly elected President Mauricio Macri is reopening the case. A prosecutor now believes what most surmised was true when it happened - Nisman was murdered to prevent his testimony, by someone who feared the truth coming out.

Nisman's assassin may have worked for the Fernandez government or for her political party, or been a rabid supporter from one of the militant unions who backed her. He might even be a member of the Iranian secret service. Of course, Nisman also could have been shot by a jealous husband or someone he had prosecuted - a person with no political motive, the timing a coincidence.

Within the next couple of years, Fernandez could find herself under indictment for involvement in either the bombing, the cover-up murder, or both. She may want to cash out her ill-gotten gains and disappear before that can happen.