Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Campus Neo-Segregation

Students on college campuses are agitating for spaces dedicated to a particular racial or ethnic group in which members of that group can "feel safe," whatever that means. I take it as meaning not having to put up with the likes of me, a fair-skinned person with European ancestors many generations ago, aka a white.

People are treating this as something new, a return to segregation. Actually, on campuses where I worked for 40 years segregation never went away, although classes and dorms were integrated.

However outside class, the students self-segregated into ethno/racially homogeneous groups. I'd walk into the student union and see a table of black students, another of Asians, a third of Hispanics, as well as several tables of whites. The students did this all on their own, nobody required or suggested it. Birds of a feather just keep flocking together.