Friday, February 19, 2016

Foolish Francis

You can take the Pope out of Argentina, but apparently you can't take Argentina out of the Pope. Francis has once again demonstrated his commitment to "liberation theology" which can be defined as Latin anti-Yankee bias applied to religion.

Most recently he injected himself into the presidential race in the U.S., arguing we have no right to control immigration into our country. This is hypocritical of him since immigration into his walled city-state - the Vatican - is very tightly controlled.

Pope Francis also took some cheap shots at capitalism, letting his inner Peronist show. It would be classier - more Papal - if he made a good faith effort to transcend his "little pastor to the poor" roots in an Argentine barrio.

Sadly, Pope Francis no more represents all Roman Catholics than President Obama represents all Americans - neither understands his role. Having both made their dislike of the U.S. very clear, they shouldn't be too surprised to find the feeling reciprocated.