Tuesday, February 2, 2016

GI Jill

When the Pentagon first began talking about women in combat roles in the armed services, I thought "This is the first step down a slippery slope that ends with your daughter or granddaughter being drafted into the infantry where she gets a leg blown off, wasted by PTSD or captured and raped to death by terrorists." Unhappy days!

At present, young men must register for the draft but no one is currently drafted into our all-volunteer military. That could change if recruiting efforts do not produce sufficient volunteers to meet expanded military commitments.

Today comes the next step down that proverbial slippery slope. A Reuters article from the Daily Mail (U.K.) reports the top U.S. Army and Marine generals also want young women required to register for the draft. If Congressional action is required, I don't see it happening.

Later ... I can imagine the courts ruling that requiring males, but not females, to register for the draft is disparate treatment not permitted by constitutional law which requires equal treatment.