Friday, February 12, 2016


"Democrat operatives with bylines," is what Glenn Reynolds calls many members of the press, in felicitous Instapundit hyperbole. Seldom do you see it as clearly as in this Breitbart Big Government story about PBS debate moderator Judy Woodruff as a donor to the Clinton Foundation.

Breitbart reports the moderators of the Democrat debate, hosted by PBS, failed to ask any questions about the Clinton Foundation. This, in spite of a recent State Dept. subpoena for foundation documents focused on whether it received funds from donors who sought favors from the Dept. during Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State.


The liberal bias at PBS is largely out of the closet, even more so than at most of the MSM. It is seen in their choice of stories to cover, in their choice of interviewees, and here in their choice of questions not to ask.

Full disclosure: the DrsC watch the PBS News Hour in spite of the bias. Its hour length and freedom from ads makes tolerating or ridiculing their spin worth the irritation. Our "mute" button takes care of the worst excesses.