Thursday, February 11, 2016

Modeling Trump

The Washington Post compares Trump to Andy Griffith's character Larry "Lonesome" Rhodes in the film A Face in the Crowd. American Thinker says he more resembles the title character in Citizen Kane. Hat tip to for the links.

I persist in thinking Trump most closely resembles the nonfictional (but larger-than-life) Teddy Roosevelt. A consequential president whose policies didn't neatly fit into one party's platform, TR ended up one of the 4 faces on Mt. Rushmore.

Like TR, Trump is a son of wealth and privilege who began with advantages but willfully lived large and shaped his own destiny. Does this mean COTTonLINE is endorsing Trump? No. Is it a criticism of him? Likewise, no.

I believe a Trump presidency would be consequential. Whether the consequences would be good or bad is unknown, and probably a priori unknowable. I feel safe in predicting it would not be dull.