Tuesday, February 23, 2016

NV Hearts Trump

At this hour on the West Coast live coverage of the Nevada GOP caucuses reports maybe 12% of the vote counted. On that basis both Fox News and CNN have called the race for Trump, who is registering perhaps 44% of the votes tabulated so far.

At this point Rubio is slightly ahead of Cruz but Fox says it's too soon to call second place. Both are in the low 20s percentagewise. Carson and Kasich are mired in single digits.

The Republican establishment needs to pull up its socks, suck in its collective gut, and get comfortable with the idea of Trump as the GOP nominee. His oft-cited "ceiling" just got 10% higher than anybody believed possible. Arguing it is going to drop back is a sucker bet I wouldn't take.

A week from tonight is the (sports metaphor warning) "SEC" primary featuring mostly southern states. By this time next week we should have a very good idea of the eventual nominee, if not the eventual president.

Later ... 12:45 a.m. ... With over 2/3 of the votes counted, Trump is at 45%, Rubio and Cruz are in the 22-23% range, while Carson and Kasich total less than 10% between them.