Sunday, February 21, 2016

Obviously True

USA Today summarizes the GOP nomination race following South Carolina.
Initially dismissed by the political pros, Trump has proved to have shrewd political instincts and a message that perfectly fits the anger of many voters.
USAT echoes our comment of last Thursday, we wrote Trump has "done a superior job of grasping today's American zeitgeist." As they say in Nevada where the race goes next, he could "run the table" from here, or perhaps more accurately, "run out" as he didn't win Iowa.

Speculation: Presuming Clinton wins the Democrat nomination, might some Sanders enthusiasts switch to Trump, another outsider? Both Sanders and Trump believe free trade hurts average folks. Just asking....

It's clear Trump has a greater likelihood than Rubio or Cruz of winning over white and black Democrats, although they might have an edge with Hispanics.