Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Damage Is Intentional

John Hinderaker is the senior blogger at Power Line. He takes a dim view of Obama's goals for the U.S., those goals growing from Obama's view of our country as an exploitative neocolonial power.
Barack Obama isn’t weakening America by accident. Bringing America down is the whole point of his “fundamental transformation.” He thinks the United States is a fatally flawed country whose influence on the world is malign, and therefore, our weakness is a good thing. As President, he has been uniquely positioned to bring about weakness, retreat and humiliation. He has done an excellent job of executing his strategy and advancing his far-left agenda.
It is really sick that a majority of voters invited him to do it and gave him the weapons to use against us. You could argue the body politic was effectively suicidal ... especially in 2012 when his malevolence was obvious to anyone paying attention.