Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Pink Tide Ebbs

The reliably left-wing Global Post reports something that must give its editors heartburn. Namely, the following:
Evo Morales’ bid to be president of Bolivia for nearly 20 uninterrupted years looks set to fail. With 72 percent of the votes counted from Sunday’s referendum on allowing presidents to be reelected twice consecutively, the “No” campaign had garnered 55 percent.

If that result is confirmed by the final tally, as most experts expect, it will mark the first time the self-described socialist has lost at the ballot box since assuming power in January 2006.
They conclude:
Some are viewing Morales’ likely defeat as part of a regional trend sweeping back the “pink tide.” A center-right government just took power from the left in Argentina, while Venezuela, once the poster child for Latin American socialism, has run into an economic crisis so deep that it is on the verge of becoming a failed state.
Global Post is nearly always "pretty in pink." See also the Miami Herald's more in--depth reportage on this story.