Saturday, February 6, 2016

Understanding War

The Daily Beast's Nancy Youssef, writing about the relative success Russia is having in Syria, reports the following:
The frustration of watching Russia’s brazen, indiscriminate strikes in Syria’s commercial hub—which could potentially turn the war to Assad’s favor—was palpable in the halls of the Pentagon on Friday. Some were frustrated that Russia could have such an impact because it does not consider—or does not care about—the effect of its bombs on civilians. Still others call the potential fall of Aleppo a result of a failed U.S. approach.

“Russians understand war. Americans understand managing conflicts to get unsatisfactory results,” one official familiar with the U.S. military campaign told The Daily Beast. The approach of both nations “tells the region who the players are. America is feckless and Russia and Iran are reliable allies.”
Apparently, nobody in our decision-making apparat understands the rule "go big or go home." Hat tip to Power Line for the link.