Friday, November 18, 2016

NYT: The Two Americas

The New York Times runs a short article with two interesting maps: terrain where Trump won, and places where Clinton won. Trump gets 85% of the land area, but only 46% of the population lives there. Clinton's 15% of the land area holds 54% of the population.

The Times estimates she got 1 million more votes than Trump, but they were concentrated in very "blue" regions - cities mostly, with some Indian reservations, and odd places like Teton County in WY, a wealthy enclave in a generally working-class "red" state.

The rural/urban divide isn't a joke, it's a real thing - see for yourself. The demographics are different and, face it, population density alone determines a lot of things. It is inversely proportional to the degree of personal freedom we have. The DrsC have tried both and long since decided we are "country folk."