Saturday, November 12, 2016

Saturday Snickers

Herewith are some of my favorites from Steven Hayward's weekly compilation for Power Line of cartoons, recaptioned photos, witty sayings, etc.

Map of U.S. counties, mostly red, showing whether each voted for Clinton or Trump. Captioned:
Trump has better coverage than Verizon
Can you hear us 'now'?
Two photos, the top one shows a woman pulling along a man on all fours with a dog collar and leash, captioned:
Hillary voters heading to the polls
The second photo shows the headlong charge of weird war vehicles from a Mad Max film, captioned:
Trump voters heading to the polls
A seeming screen capture from CNN, showing Trump speaking, headlined:
Trump Elected President
The subhead crawl says:
"Mass suicides" reported across college campuses//Riots in San Francisco
Movie still of the cavalry hat-wearing Brigadier General from Apocalypse Now, captioned:
I love the sound of liberals
Crying in the morning
Downward-looking photo of a nighttime urban street full of protestors, captioned:
The is what happens
When you give children
A trophy for losing
Photo of a rag doll, captioned:
Show me on this doll
Where the election hurt you
Photo of the Oval Office handshake between President Obama and President-elect Trump, captioned:
Photo finally emerges of
Trump grabbing a pussy 
Cartoon resembling famous "last helicopter from Saigon" photo, this one peopled by recognizable caricatures of Hollywood show folk desperately trying to board, captioned:
Last helicopter out of Hollywood
Photoshopped Hillary wearing an orange jumpsuit in jail cell, speaking with Bill who's outside the bars. Hillary speaks:
Any word from Trump about that pardon?
Bill speaks, through laughter:
Sorry, played golf with him yesterday and forgot to mention it.
Photo of a destroyed Smart car, captioned:
Wisconsin couple were treated for minor injuries at local hospital emergency, after their car hit a squirrel on Highway 8. The squirrel refused treatment and left the scene.