Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hillary Thinks Iowans Are Stupid

Yahoo News reports a David Sirota write-up about two statements concerning foreign trade, made by Sen. Clinton, one four days after the other. The first is from the Associated Press and was delivered today:

Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton says she wants to take a close look at foreign trade deals. She says she'll call a 'time out' on trade agreements if she wins the White House.

The second was delivered four days ago, and is reported by the New York Times:

Clinton Says Yes to Peru Deal... Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, after prodding from a rival campaign, has issued positions on several trade deals currently before Congress, including her support for an agreement with Peru that is dividing her party.

In response to the apparent conflict in these two statements, Sirota concludes:
I'd say this is talking out of both sides of the mouth. She says she's for a "time out" - but only later. Not now, when the Senate votes really count. Iowans should trust her when she's elected, even if she doesn't follow the spirit of what she pledges right now. And I'd say she thinks Iowans are too stupid to notice.

I don't know about too stupid to notice, but it does seem to be another example of her trying to have everything both ways. Does anybody remember her being both for and against drivers licenses for illegal immigrants? Hat tip to the other DrC for finding this article.