Friday, November 16, 2007

Walters: Dems Endangered by Immigration

Dan Walters, of the Sacramento Bee, is maybe the best political analyst in California. He writes here that Democrats could be torpedoed by the illegal immigration issue, which is #1 among independent voters, and surprisingly strong among Democrats. He finds:
The angst also reflects polling that indicates illegal immigration could be a make-or-break issue with all-important independent voters, especially in battleground states such as Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

And he further concludes:
And what of California? It hardly seems possible that the Democrats' enormous advantage in the state – million-plus vote margins in the last two presidential elections – could be threatened. But with George W. Bush off the ticket, it's not inconceivable that the angst over immigration among swing voters that also shows up in California polls could make it a battleground.

Particularly since CA is the recipient of many of those illegal immigrants. Have we forgotten that CA voters handily passed the now-infamous Proposition 187 directed at cutting off governmental benefits to illegal immigrants?