Saturday, November 10, 2007

Iraq No Longer Hot News and ....

Check out this Los Angeles Times report of a Pew Research Center poll which finds Americans are less interested than formerly in stories about the Iraq war. That has to be bad news for Democrat presidential hopefuls, whose netroots base is rabidly opposed to the war and expects their candidates to rant about it.

Except for national defense and terrorism, most other issues work better for Democrats than Republicans: the economy, oil prices, housing slump, health care costs. The piece concludes with an apparent non sequitur:
Americans haven't elected a sitting legislator as president in 47 years. And four of the last five elected presidents have been governors. The fifth one was a sitting vice president.

This isn't a non sequitur because both of the two leading Democrats are "sitting legislators" while the leading Republicans are not, and one of them is a recent governor. Specifically, that trend is a bad omen for Senators Clinton, Obama, McCain, Dodd, and Biden; great news for Governors Romney, Richardson, and Huckabee; and somewhere in the neutral range for Mayor Giuliani, and former Senators Edwards and Thompson. Isn't politics a great spectator sport...?