Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Here Come the Brussel Sprouts

First FLOTUS has a hissy fit about obese children, and by inference, ourselves as well. Then we are told the government will require us to buy health insurance. This latter has caused all sorts of responses, including this very tongue-in-cheek shot from the left-wing web zine Slate.

Put together disapproval of what we're eating with government ability to tell us what we must do and you get, somewhere down the line, a mandate for eating Brussels sprouts. At that point I will have to consider my options, for I truly don't like Brussels spouts. Ditto turnips, parsnips, eggplant, and squash.

Oddly enough, asparagus - which is the yucky vegetable in the Slate article - I like, spinach too. But don't tell me I've got to eat Brussels sprouts.

Seriously, government does not need to tell us how to lead our lives. By the same token, it also does not need to bail us out when our behavior ends us up in a pickle.

We need freedom to make our choices and freedom to live with the good or bad consequences thereof. Government should mostly engage in protecting others from our behavior, not in protecting us from our own behavior.

We have gotten to where we are via natural selection, why interfere with its continued functioning?