Monday, December 6, 2010

More About California

The folks at RealClearPolitics have given us a link to two articles talking about whether or not California in 2010 was a leading indicator of where electoral politics are headed in 2012 and beyond. The Weekly Standard's Fred Barnes thinks not, The New Republic's Peter Schrag thinks so.

I think both have overlooked a major factor in California being out of step with the 2010 Republican electoral wave. California is experiencing serious outmigration, a fact that has been reported here and elsewhere. The emigres are being replaced by Hispanics.

What is happening to CA is what has also happened to NY - conservative flight. The internal migration that brings strength to the GOP in other states is weakening it in California.

Over time, Americans are sorting themselves out. Conservatives are clustering together in so-called red states and liberals are doing likewise in blue states.

We'll know the trend is irreversible when the legislature in Sacramento passes a bill renaming the state "Alta California" and making Spanish one of its two official languages.