Tuesday, November 2, 2021

An Eventful Week Begins

Yesterday we basically accepted our new house, and the escrow closes on Thursday. It still lacks appliances, and a few relatively minor other bits and bobs, all of which are promised. We spent the afternoon getting the responsibility for the various utilities transferred over from the builder to ourselves. 

We don’t have a lot of responsibilities over the next couple of days, then things get busy-as-anything on Thursday and very likely stay busy for the following week. It is an exciting time, settling into our sixth new (never been lived in) house. 

In fifty years of marriage we’ve bought two existing new “spec” homes, built three custom homes, and this one is neither of those. It is a hybrid of sorts, a builder’s standard floor plan built to order on one of their lots we selected, with trim, flooring, etc. options chosen by us 11 months ago. Absent the pandemic it should have been finished in July.

On another topic entirely, later today we may learn how the off-year elections have turned out in VA and NJ. That in turn may give us some indication of how the midterm elections will turn out a year from now. I could stand some good political news, we’ll see what happens.