Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Learning the Lessons

Democrats took a shellacking last night, almost across the board. Now the question is what lessons they will learn from the voters’ repudiation of their candidates? 

Will they conclude they’ve drifted too far left, and got beaten in the culture wars? Or will they conclude their inability to agree on massive tax-and-spend programs was at fault because they didn’t “buy” enough votes with give-aways.

Did they lose because Joe Biden has been, in office, a slow-motion train wreck with one screw-up after another? Or because it is hard to get voter turnout in off-years? Actually, we know it wasn’t this last one, as VA had a relatively high turnout for a non-presidential election.

Jeff Greenfield reminds us of how Bill Clinton moved the D party to the center and won, and implies that would be a winning strategy today. I suspect he is correct but will have trouble selling that program to many of today’s lefty Ds.