Sunday, November 14, 2021

Kotkin: Shared Culture Is Key

Writing at Newsweek, Joel Kotkin writes much common sense in an article entitled:

America Is Built on a Great Culture. Progressives Want to Abandon It

A key point he makes is that one of our national political parties seems to have forgotten the common culture which enabled us to reach this point.

If the Democratic Party wants to avoid further electoral disasters like those in Virginia, Long Island and elsewhere, it would do well to relearn the obvious truth that a common culture that binds us is not only good and necessary, but popular.

Key to understanding how out-of-step the Ds have become is this fact.

Only a very small fraction of Americans, well under 10 percent, consider themselves progressive, and most reject the view of America as uniquely fallen.

Contrary to the the view of much of our academia and media, America is not a country based on racial commonality but a set of political notions.

It is passing strange that the media and academia, along with the Democratic party are jointly trying to “sell” a view congenial to so few actual Americans of any color.