Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Christie Indicts Clinton

Did you get a chance to see Gov. Chris Christie "prosecute" Hillary Clinton last night? He was on fire, on a roll, and the audience was egging him on like the congregation in a country church.

Christie would summarize one of Hillary's many failures and ask the assembled delegates "guilty or not guilty." They'd roar "GUILTY" at the top of their lungs, and often as not break into chants of "Lock Her Up."

I'm impressed, I had no idea just how good he is. The Christie I saw last night has a serious future somewhere. Senior contributor John Hinderaker at Power Line wrote of Christie's skill as a prosecutor:
I was a litigator. I spent years of my life in court, tried over 100 jury cases, took thousands of depositions and argued hundreds if not thousands of motions. And I would not have liked to go up against Chris Christie. He is very, very good.
Maybe Christie for Trump's Attorney General?