Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cleveland Night Three

I didn't listen to every speech made tonight, but I heard those of Walker, Gingrich, Cruz, and Pence. Walker wasn't bad, Gingrich was good, Cruz was Cruz, and Pence "exceeded expectations."

Actually, Cruz was booed by people who wanted him to endorse Trump - which he did not. I suppose considering the rude and crude things Trump said about Cruz's wife and father, the lack of endorsement was no particular surprise.

Everyone says Cruz aims to run after Trump loses, which begs the question: what does he do when Trump wins? It would have been more graceful for him to stay home. I'll be surprised if President Trump doesn't recruit someone to run against him in the Texas primary.

The other DrC heard Eric Trump's speech and liked it. I noticed the pundit class said essentially nothing about it or him.

I liked what Gingrich had to say about Islamic terrorism. He agreed with Trump we are at war - and we need to be clear about that.

Pence did a good job, rousing but very mainstream Midwest GOP. He was better than I expected, and I like that he has a son in the Marines. We need officials with skin in the defense game.

Pence said something telling about Trump: you can't fake good kids. Trump seems to have 'em.