Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Writing in the Los Angeles Times, a loon named James Kirchick argues that a President Trump might face a military coup. "Delusional" doesn't begin to describe this notion's unreality.

For starters, I'll wager that most career military will vote for Trump. Having done so, their natural inclination will be to see him succeed, not depose him.

How popular with our military does Kirchick think Hillary Clinton - the villainess of Benghazi - could possibly be? The troops understand the "security personnel" who died there defending Ambassador Chris Stevens were veterans - their brothers-in-arms - left to fight and die without backup, without a rescue mission.

It was a rescue mission for which she didn't fight, and she didn't resign in protest when the President refused. Does Kirchick imagine GIs can square her inaction with "leaving nobody behind"? Not even close.