Saturday, July 16, 2016

Saturday Snickers

Once again Power Line's Steven Hayward comes forward with his weekly collection of cartoons, captioned photos, and witty sayings. A few of my favorites:

Many examples of cartoonists taking shots at Justice Ginsburg's politicized gaffes, including a mire with 4 hogs wallowing, in the middle stands an RBG figure saying, "And another thing."
The hogs speak:
Who is that?
Justice Ginsburg.
Her robe is ruined.
No, that's the facade of her impartiality.
A catalog ad for a Bernie Sanders doll, overstamped in red with the words:
Sold out
A cartoon of the Bernie-endorses-Hillary moment. She looks excited, he holds up her arm while he wears a sealed Hasmat suit.

The famous photo of Hillary wearing sun glasses eyeballing her Blackberry, captioned:
Nuclear launch codes
Now available on I-Tunes
A cartoon of Bill and Hillary Clinton dressed as 1930s gangsters, captioned:
The Untouchables 
A photo of a crowd holding a banner which originally said "#Black lives matter." The photo has been Photoshopped to add a girl holding a sign which says:
Fruits are people too
and the banner has been modified to read:
#Black olives matter.
A photo of the type of large cabover truck used by the Nice terrorist, captioned:
No civilian needs a truck this big
It's time to ban assault trucks.
A photo of the President, captioned:
Gun control will lower crime rates just like
Obamacare lowered health insurance premiums. 
Cartoon of a uniformed policeman speaking to his worried little daughter, captioned:
The "Talk" police officers have to have with their children ...
And the officer's voice balloon has him saying to her:
Sweetheart, Daddy may not make it home tonight, so
I want you to know that I love you. 
A drawing of the Gadsden flag of a coiled rattlesnake, with a pacifier in its mouth, captioned:
Don't tread on my safe space.
A physics joke Sheldon Cooper might enjoy:
You matter.
Until you multiply
yourself times the speed
of light squared. 
Then you energy. 
The classic eagle head photo against a U.S. flag backdrop, with the caption:
Why are there no knock knock jokes about America?
Because freedom rings.