Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Weather Contrast

Yesterday the East Coast had a late winter blizzard/storm. There were lots of pix on TV of cars and semis sliding sideways and folks shoveling snowy sidewalks and digging out parked cars.

Also yesterday, in Northern California we reached 80 degrees. I saw a carpenter working with his shirt off, getting a sunburn.

Winters in Wyoming are long and cold, in CA they are short and mild. Its government may be the near-exclusive domain of leftwing nutbags, but you can't beat the CA weather or the scenery out past the city limits.

Thus, CA may be a crappy place to call home but it is still a great place to visit. However, if they carry out their threat to install a universal single payer health care system like Canada's or maybe England's NHS, we'll find somewhere else to snowbird, maybe the TX hill country. The exodus of medical professionals out-of-state will become a tsunami.