Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Being Bugged

On Monday I wrote that perhaps Trump team conversations were picked up in wiretaps on other parties, people with whom they were talking. Today, House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes announced something of the sort to be the case. I made a good guess.

This evening, Power Line's John Hinderaker posts yet another theory, based on the idea that the NSA essentially records everything anyone does by phone anywhere without targeting specific individuals. Once recorded, the materials become searchable by computer and, obviously someone or some ones with access did exactly that and unlawfully shared what they found.

The fact that neither NSA nor FBI set out to target Team Trump may be a smokescreen, effectively plausible deniability. It may be the case that Feds only "target" someone's phones is if they seek a criminal indictment, which in the case of Team Trump was probably not the aim.

It appears this story still has legs. Perhaps Chairman Nunes can provide proof of what, by whom, and how the bugging took place. Faster, please.