Monday, March 27, 2017

Demographic Indicators

U.S. Census Bureau data released March 23, 2017, shows some interesting trends. Let me share some with you. Hat tip to Drudge Report for the link.
These notable high-population counties continued to see population loss:
Cook County, Ill. (Chicago): -21,324.
Wayne County, Mich. (Detroit): -7,696.
Baltimore city, Md.: -6,738.
Baltimore city saw an increase in population loss this year primarily due to a doubling of its net domestic out-migration.
In addition the Bureau reports the ten fastest shrinking counties in the U.S., ranked from most lost to least. I've added the name of the major city or area associated with each.
Cook County, IL (Chicago)
Wayne County, MI (Detroit)
Baltimore city, MD
Cuyahoga County, OH (Cleveland)
Suffolk County, NY (Long Island)
Milwaukee County, WI (Milwaukee)
Allegheny County, PA (Pittsburgh)
San Juan County, NM (four corners)
Saint Louis city, MO
Jefferson County, New York (Watertown)
Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Saint Louis - do we see a pattern emerging? If it is old, cold, dirty, and disorderly, people leave for newer, warmer, less messy places. Such movement drives urban planners wild.

Heating technology developed much sooner than cooling technology which influenced early settlement patterns. Once refrigerated air conditioning became practical, people began moving to warmer climates and continue to do so - Phoenix and Houston are rapidly growing areas.