Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Writing opinion for The Washington Post, Eric Wemple asks the question:
Can President Trump outlast the White House press corps?
His answer is "probably not" and, frankly, he's not very interesting. What is interesting is that he reveals Trump aides have been doing something that drives reporters nuts.
Would that the White House’s pace and out-of-nowhere tweets were the only factor upping the workload for reporters these days. Another layer altogether comes from the conflicting messages that the administration sends, often on anonymous footing. “You can ask two senior administration officials the same question, you get completely opposite answers."
If Team Trump is paying attention, this is a great way to confuse and hassle the press. Purposely plant conflicting stories just to drive "the opposition party" bonkers.

It's a great way to have reporters chasing their tails. I'd like to think the Trumpistas have been doing it on purpose. The old media deserve a hassle for writing opinion and calling it news.