Friday, March 3, 2017

False Flag Follies

You've read about threats to synagogues and attacks on Jewish cemeteries across the U.S.? You've noticed the old media rushing to infer the perps are white extremist Trump supporters? You've been suspecting it could be someone else? You'd likely be correct.

John Hinderaker of Power Line links to a Daily Mail story:
Juan Thompson, 31, was arrested by the FBI in St. Louis on Thursday for allegedly making bomb threats against at least eight Jewish community centers, the US Attorney's Office said.

Thompson is alleged to have engaged in ‘a campaign to harass and intimidate,’ prosecutors said.

Thompson is a former journalist who was fired from The Intercept after it was learned he had fabricated quotes and invented sources.
Far from a white supremacist, photos accompanying the article make plain Thompson is an African-American; other stories claim he was a Bernie Sanders supporter. The actions of which he's accused remind us of Jesse Jackson calling New York "Hymietown."

Don't you wonder why U.S. media doesn't feature this story? Perhaps because it steps on their preferred narrative?