Thursday, March 2, 2017

It's Human Nature

Listening to U.S. civil rights advocates, you'd be led to believe racial bias is a peculiarly American evil. I hope you know better; racial bias is a common human trait, found most everywhere.

CNBC has a story about racial discrimination in Singapore where both the discriminators and those discriminated against are people of color. Whites don't figure in the story anywhere.

It's a story of Indians, Malays, and people from China discriminated against as renters by the local Straits Chinese who are most of Singapore's population and who own much of the private rental housing.

Read the story and understand it is human nature to be bugged by people who have different standards than you do, especially if your standards are higher or more exacting than theirs. It is amazing how ineffective laws banning such discrimination have proven to be, here and elsewhere.