Friday, March 24, 2017

Planned Parenthood in a College Town

From the current hubbub about Planned Parenthood you'd believe all they do is abortions. I know they do other stuff, about which more in a minute.

For a couple of decades my post office box was located in an annex next door to the Planned Parenthood clinic in our college town. Going in to pick up my mail several times a week, I saw many women headed into and out of the clinic.

I could always tell when it was abortion day as there'd be protestors standing vigil by the door holding fetus photos and signs. Most days of the week protestors weren't there as no abortions were scheduled.

Nevertheless there was a constant trickle of women, mostly quite young, headed in and out. Many of the latter carrying small sacks. It required no genius to conclude PP was a major facilitator of recreational sex for college students by providing birth control products.

I never determined why students weren't using the Student Health Service on campus for their birth control needs. Maybe they sought anonymity or maybe the SHS sent them to PP.

Depending on your view of recreational sex, and of college student hook-ups, my observation may influence you to feel more or less positive toward PP. Having no daughters, I wasn't upset.