Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday Snickers

Steve Hayward of Power Line has his usual weekly compilation of cartoons, snidely captioned photos, and generalized snark which he calls "The Week in Pictures." Herewith are described a few of my favorites from this week's haul:

A photo of three people passed out on the floor in various awkward poses amid empty whiskey bottles, labeled
Irish yoga
Photo of a pretty girl and handsome fellow sitting at a candle-lit table in a restaurant, she speaks:
I'm a socialist.
He replies (trying to impress her):
I don't understand economics either. 
Photo of TV's Mr. Rogers in his classic tie and cardigan, captioned:
Sure we could talk about how socialism could work.
But first we have to go to the land of make-believe. 
Photo of a beautiful bowl of Romaine lettuce sitting on a butcher block counter, with 11 steak knives stabbed into it, labeled:
Caesar salad. 
And finally, a photo of a gal with eye protection in a combat stance firing a 9mm semiauto downrange, captioned:
The 2nd Amendment
Making more women equal than the entire feminist movement.
Darn, my friend Norm Pendegraft always said Col. Colt was the great equalizer.