Sunday, March 5, 2017

Second Verse, Same As the First

John Hinderaker, of Power Line, makes the following trenchant comment in a discussion of the seeming deliberate obfuscation in an Associated Press piece on what I've been calling "Towergate" and John calls "FISAgate."
Every time the AP mentions FISAgate, it includes this ritual defense of the Obama administration:

"Trump has offered no evidence or details to support his claim, and Obama’s spokesman has denied it."

The AP’s statement is false. It is a classic instance of fake news. Barack Obama’s spokesman has not denied that “the Obama administration wiretapped Trump Tower last year.” He only denied that Barack Obama personally ordered such surveillance. But that isn’t the question. Presumably, the order to conduct surveillance came from Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice. But no one thinks that Lynch would have ordered the opposing presidential candidate’s telephones tapped, or his computers hacked, without her boss’s approval.
That's the Loretta Lynch who met Bill Clinton on the tarmac while his wife was under FBI investigation, in case you thought she was apolitical.