Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Deep State Considered

George Friedman writes for Geopolitical Futures, republished here by RealClearWorld. His current topic is the so-called "deep state." See his conclusion:
The idea that there is a deep state hidden from view that really controls things is absolutely true, except for the fact that it is not only visible to everyone who looks but is written into law. It exists not because of conspiracy, but because of the desire to shield government from politics. I understand the logic, but the result has unexpected and unpleasant consequences. A discussion of the deep state is possible only by really not understanding that the U.S. government functions as it does because the deep state was actually seen as a good idea.
Too much of a good thing is a good thing no longer. Supposedly apolitical, our civil servants have long since figured out that only one political party - the Democrats - wants to spend more and grow their ranks. So they cooperate with Dems and show dumb insolence to the GOP.

A key thing GOP majorities in House and Senate can accomplish is to simplify the Byzantine, designed-to-fail processes by which civil servants are fired for nonperformance. It is time to "prune" the bureaucracy: clip off the dead wood, tangles and suckers, and create a more productive, healthier Federal "tree." There will be resistance.