Saturday, March 25, 2017

Will Irexit Follow Brexit?

Roughly two weeks ago COTTonLINE noted Brexit is complicating relations between the United Kingdom's Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland which represents the remaining 3/4 of the island. Following Brexit a border which has been wide open will need restriction, something unpopular on both sides of that border.

We wrote restrictions were needed unless the Republic of Ireland also leaves the EU, strongly implying such exit was unlikely. Perhaps I underestimated the likelihood of Irexit - the Republic of Ireland leaving the European Union.

See an article in the Daily Express (U.K.) which suggests the Republic leaving the EU is a realistic possibility. Although Irish Republicans resent their former status as a British colony, Britain is Ireland's largest trading partner. Closing the shared border is unpalatable so ... maybe Irexit could happen? Hat tip to for the link.