Monday, June 19, 2017

A License to Obfuscate

Time for another entry in our occasional series - Weird Oregon. The New York Post has a story about Oregon offering drivers license applicants a third choice for gender, an X can go where the M or F would otherwise be. Classic Oregon move, that.

Most of Oregon's population lives under an annual 8-months-long rain cloud. It does strange things to their collective psyche, makes for a kind of Twin Peaks bizarro populace.

A guy from sunny CA, I spent three rainy seasons in OR during grad school, wearing out umbrellas and suffering subclinical SAD. While there, two B-School faculty swapped wives (legally), another drank himself nearly to death, radicals burned down the ROTC building, the acting university president committed vehicular suicide, the National Guard cleared the campus with fixed bayonets, and my study buddy's wife went schizophrenic, literally.

Oregon was not my happy place.