Saturday, June 17, 2017

Saturday Snickers

Steven Hayward of Power Line each week compiles cartoons, captioned photos, posters, headlines, and other stuff conservatives could find funny. My picks from this week's pile:

Photo of a bunch of civilians holding an American flag and their rifles, captioned:
Seriously. Conservatives own 200+ million guns, 12 trillion rounds of ammo.
If we were violent, you'd know about it.
Photo of an attractive young woman with strapped on sidearm holding an assault rifle, captioned:
If Conservatives trust God, why do they need so many guns?
Because they don't trust Democrats.
Composite photo of James Comey testifying, looking forlorn, with a framed portrait of J. Edgar Hoover in the background looking grim. The caption:
For Goodness Sake, Son.
Get a Backbone!
Four panel cartoon of two stick figures, one red, one blue. Blue figure standing on an American flag. Red speaks:
Dude, why are you stepping on that flag?
Blue answers:
I'm giving you a lesson on the First Amendment. Free speech, dude, you just have to accept it and let me do it because of my rights.
Red responds:
In 4th panel, red holds a Confederate flag and blue speaks:
That's different. I'm offended. 
Under a heading: "Fundamentally transforming America. - B. Obama," a 2 panel cartoon. Filthy hippy protester labeled "Victim" in first panel speaks:
There's a micro-aggressive, white privileged homophobe in my safe space.
Second panel, cute little girl labeled "Bigot" speaks:
There's a 40 year old man wearing a dress in the girls' bathroom.