Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Democrats Lose Two More

Two special elections were held today, one each in SC and GA. The reason: to elect replacements for two GOP Representatives who were appointed to cabinet positions by President Trump.

Georgia got most of the attention, likely because nobody believed a Dem. could win in SC. The GA-6 House race was the single most expensive such race ever held.

Dems believed they had a good chance to win in GA-6, and claim it a vote of no confidence on the Trump presidency. Instead, they lost.

Republican Karen Handel got 52.6% of the GA vote to Democrat Jon Ossoff's 47.4%. Likewise, in South Carolina Republican Ralph Norman beat Democrat Archie Parnell, 51.1% to 47.9%, in a race that drew less outside donor money and media attention. Vote percentages for both races are according to CNN.

Having lost both special elections, Democrats will now try to tell you "all politics is local" and the results cannot be interpreted as support for President Trump. You will hear this steaming puddle of sophistry from the likes of (up)Chuck Schumer. When you do, remember what Democrats planned to say if they won, namely that it showed people didn't support Trump.

Golly, on the right we can say these two elections show Trump is popular, disbelief in the old media notwithstanding. Two referenda on the Trump presidency were held and ... wait for it ... he won both!

Congress folk need to get busy legislating, the Trump agenda just demonstrated continued popularity. I'm tempted to claim Trump has the coattails his predecessor famously lacked.