Thursday, June 8, 2017

Travel Blogging VII

Steaming in the Adriatic Sea:  A small ship in a rough sea is a recipe for a very rough ride. That's what we've had ever since leaving Monopoli. Perhaps 8 feet from wave crest to trough bottom.

MS Artemis is small, 48 passengers fully loaded. She's seaworthy, but doesn't much cushion the bucking and rocking. We skipped dinner, it seemed the prudent thing to do.

So ... eight hours of 'thrill ride' and no end in sight. The whole distance to our next port is only 14 hours  so perhaps another six hours of rocking and pounding? Our cabin is the farthest forward so it pitches up and down more than one amidships.


In spite of the weather, the satellite TV reception has been good and we saw most of the James Comey testimony via CNN. We didn't hear all of it but could see the screen from where we sat. 

From CNN's headlines I gather the most damning thing he said was that he believed Trump had "lied" about him and the FBI. The exact nature of the lie wasn't clear, probably criticism with which Comey didn't agree. 

If the speaker erroneously believes what he is saying to be true, it cannot be a lie. It is instead a misstatement based on faulty or missing knowledge. The difference between a lie and a misstatement is not a trivial one. It speaks to the issue of intent to deceive.