Friday, June 30, 2017

Can You Say "Brexodus?"

For The Guardian, a Dutch citizen resident in Britain named Joris Luyendijk writes that people like himself are seriously considering leaving Britain as a result of Brexit. He writes this as though his leaving, and that of others like him, will really worry the Brits.

Isn't it likely many Brits will consider a Brexodus, as he calls it, an actual plus? I am certain having Britain become less cosmopolitan and more British was a major motivation for those voting "leave." Those who worry are those who voted "remain," and they already expect the expats to bug out.

The EU continentals can go ahead with their Merkel-led "citizen of the Fourth Reich" project, perhaps give up national sovereignty; that just isn't the British way. Plus, not having to compete with overpaid expats will make London housing more affordable - no bad thing except for those sad souls who bought real estate at the top of the bubble.