Thursday, June 29, 2017

Substance Over Style

The press beats up on Donald Trump and when he hits back, it's supposedly awful. Various people have said his criticism of Mika Brzezinski are "sexist" when humans of any gender may certainly have face lifts, particularly if they are in show biz as she is.

Most liftees stay out of sight until their faces are ready for prime time. Trump suggests she didn't have the common courtesy to do this. Perhaps she assumed since he also was in "show biz" she didn't have to hide the damage.

It turns out that, like Lyndon Johnson, Trump says whatever is on his mind, regardless. So far Donald hasn't been photographed picking up a dog by its ears or showing us his operation scar - two of Lyndon's less attractive tricks. And Johnson was a notorious potty mouth, but the D after his name meant the biased press didn't object.

Style points were all Obama had going, COTTonLINE prefers substance. If Trump brings us another Gorsuch-like appointment to the Supremes, he can say (or tweet) any off-the-wall thing he likes.