Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mile-High Misery

As we have three long plane flights tomorrow (Venice - Munich - Denver  - Jackson) I've been musing about what a hassle flying has become. Then I see an item in Drudge with the following title:
Complaints against airlines jump 70%.
It is no wonder complaints are up. Flying economy means ever-tinier seats with ever-shrinking legroom, no amenities, and fees for everything once included in the fare. Scheduling software means nearly every flight is chock-full. Because of the resulting misery, I refuse to fly economy on flights longer than an hour.

If we can't afford first class domestically and business class internationally, I'm staying on the ground, staying home if need be. I refuse to be miserable for 5-10 hours to save money. Life is too short to voluntarily suffer.

The upshot is that we probably fly less often than we otherwise would. I'd guess we aren't the only ones making that decision. There ought to be a solution but I don't know what it is or how to get there.